Yicong Li

Ph.D. Student at Harvard SEAS


View Boston, 2023

I’m a Ph.D. student in computer science at Harvard University advised by Prof. Hanspeter Pfister in Visual Computing Group (VCG), and affiliated with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I also work closely with Prof. Jeff W. Lichtman and Prof. Aravinthan D.T. Samuel at Harvard’s Center for Brain Science, and Prof. Bill Lotter at Harvard Medical School.

I’m very fortunate to have interned (now a guest researcher) at Simons Foundation (with Prof. Dmitri “Mitya” B. Chklovskii and Prof. Jingpeng Wu), MIT CSAIL (with Prof. Nir Shavit), Harvard Medical School (with Prof. Faisal Mahmood), and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (with Changzheng Zhang and Prof. Nanshan Zhong’s team).

Prior to Harvard, I obtained my master’s degree at Tsinghua University advised by Prof. Yang Li, and my bachelor’s degree at Sichuan University.

I aim at bridging the gap the betweem natural and artificial intelligence as well as developing bleeding-edge AI techniques to address important real-world challenges in Healthcare, Medicine, and Neuroscience. Specifically, my research interests are but not limited to:

  • Biomedical Image Analysis,
  • Data-Efficient Learning,
  • Computational Pathology,
  • Computational Neuroscience/Connectomics.

Collaborations and casual chats are welcomed!


May 5, 2024 One paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (IF=10.6)! :sparkles:
Jan 18, 2024 I’ll join Microsoft Research New England as a research intern in summer 2024! :smile:
Nov 6, 2023 Our SmartEM paper is covered by MIT News!

Honors & Awards

2023 Fellowship of Laverack Family Innovation Fund in the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University.
2021 Comprehensive Excellence Scholarship, Tsinghua University.
2021 Best Personal & Group Presentation, ASPIRE Forum 2021 Student Workshop.
2018 Excellent Graduate, Sichuan University.
2017 "Wang Wen Guo" Scholarship, Wu Yuzhang Honors College, Sichuan University.

Academic Services

Challenge Organizer WASPSYN Challenge @ ISBI 2023, XPRESS Challenge @ ISBI 2023.
Conference Volunteer ICML, NeurIPS.

Teaching Experiences

Fall 2023 Teaching Assistant - Data Science 1: Introduction to Data Science with Dr. Pavlos Protopapas and Dr. Kevin A. Rader, Harvard University.
Spring 2022 Teaching Assistant - Seminar in Data Science and Information Technology: Advanced Learning Representations with Prof. Yang Li, Tsinghua University.
Summer 2021 Teaching Assistant - Geometry and Learning for 3D Vision with Prof. Yi Ma (UC Berkeley), Tsinghua University.
Fall 2020 Teaching Assistant - Discrete-Event Simulation with Prof. Wai Kin (Victor) Chan, Tsinghua University.